Dr. Georgios Tsantalis

Dr. Georgios Tsantalis was born on the 10th of December 1938 in Serres, in Northern-Greece.

He graduated the elementary school (1944-1950)
and the grammar school in Serres (1950-1956).

He studied chemistry at the technical University in Vienna (1957-1960), in Austria (intermediate Diploma  T.H. Vienna) and at the technical University of Karlsruhe, in Germany (1961-1964) (Diploma T.H. Karlsruhe).
His degree dissertation dealed with the subject „Turbidity from essential oils atanise-spirits“ (Ouzo - Tsipouro)“ (1965-1966).

He achieved the title „ Doctor Rerum Naturatum“ at the University of Karlsruhe (1966-1969).
Theme: Gas chromatographic researches on aromas of different grape-, wine-, fruit – and cereal-spirits.
His dissertation he held at the institute for food chemistry at the University of Karlsruhe and the  national experimental station for vine-breed and botanical psychology at the “Geilweilerhof”  in Siebeldingen, in the “Pfalz”.

He accomplished his military service in Greece (1969-1970).

Since 1970 Dr. Tsantalis supports the family-run concern Evangelos Tsantalis AG, with their own vineyards, wine cellars and und destilleries in Northern Greece.

Dr. Georg Tsantalis is at present Vice-president of the „Evangelos Tsantalis AG“.
He was further active as:

  • President of the „Greek Spirit-association“ (S.E.A.O.P.),
  • Vice-president of the association:  „The wineproducers of the vineyards of Makedonia. (EN.O.A.M., die „Wineroads of Makedonia“),
  • Vice-president of the „Association of Greek wine“ (S.E.O.),
  • Member of the board of the „National interprofessional
    organisation for vine and wine of Greece“ (E.D.O.A.O.),
  • President of the „Interprofessional organisation for vine and wine of northern-Greece “(EN.O.A.B.E.),
  • President of the „Professional association of producer with
    „Certificate of origin higher quality Naousa“,
  • Member of the board of the „German-Greek trade- and industrial-chamber“.

family status:            He is married and has a son

mother language:     Greek
foreign languages:   German, English.

hobbies:                     table tennis, basketball, gardening

other interests:       reading, literature of vine and wine


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