Nikitas Kaklamanis

Nikitas M. Kaklamanis (Greek Νικήτας Κακλαμάνης) (born April 1, 1946) is a prominent Greek New Democracy (ND) politician and the Mayor of Athens. He is a former Minister for Health and Social Solidarity. Kaklamanis was born in Andros.

Medical career

Kaklamanis studied medicine at the Medical School of the University of Athens. His medical training was spent in Ioannina. From 1975 to 1981, he and worked at the Aretaieio Hospital in Athens, first as an assistant and then as a registrar. He qualitied as a radiation oncologist, his second specialisation, in 1980. He was awarded his doctorate in 1981. He served as secretary-general to the Panhellenic Medical Association from 1984 to 1989 and was elected on the ND ticket. In 1989, he was elected Assistant Professor of Radiotherapy–Oncology at the University of Athens.

Political career

Kaklamanis joined the youth wing of the National Radical Union, EREN, in 1964, and New Democracy in 1974. He was elected to the party's central committee at the Second Party Conference in 1986, and to the executive committee in 1987. He was elected a New Democracy MP for the Athens A constituency in the 1990 general election. He subsequently joined the breakaway Political Spring party and was elected on its ticket in the 1993 general election. In the 1994 European elections he was elected a Member of the European Parliament, resigning his seat in the Greek parliament. As an MEP, he served as vice-chairman of the Union for Europe group in the European Parliament. He later returned to the New Democracy fold, and was returned to parliament again in the 2000 general election. He was New Democracy health spokesperson until January 2001. From 2004 to 2006, he was Minister for Health and Social Solidarity. On October 15, 2006 Kaklamanis was elected Mayor of Athens in the 2006 Greek local elections.



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