Klaus D. Below

Chairman Wineacademy International Germany, Member of the Greek Academy

Personal facts:

Date & place of birth:                 27.05.1941, Lauenburg/Pommern
Profession:                                    Journalist
Education:                                     Journalism & Specialist for media


Journal-voluntary in Hannover
Studies in Paris and Munich
Press relations and public relations at the company „Rosenthal-Porzellan AG” and the publishing company „Bertelsmann”
Reporter, moderator und director at the Hessian broadcasting station
Since 1975 at the Bavarian broadcasting station

Current job:

ARD-Special correspondent at the Bavarian broadcastin station - Editorship for South-East-Europe,
Main focus Greece

Place of living: Munich and Paliouri/ Thessaloniki - Greece


„A wine can be a good friend“

Due to a Francophile parents´ house and due to studies in Paris I learned betimes to differ good from bad wine. Wine was and still is a loyal companion of my life.

Through my operations abroad in South-Africa, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bulgaria – just to mention some countries, which I visited through my job – I also had the opportunity to get to know and estimate wines, which you cannot find on a common wine-list. Also during the inculpatory commentatorship as war-correspondent in Albania, Serbia and in the Kosovo – a glass of red wine meant consolation and gleam of hope.

Since many years I’m connected professionally as well as privately to Greece, and I observe the successful development of the Greek wine up to excellent quality with main interest, and I support, out of my deep belief, the according initiatives – also at the “Greeks of Munich”.


Symposion Members
Petros Doukas
Panayotis Zografos
Theodoros Skylakakis
Christos Dokomes
Nikitas Kaklamanis
Dr. Georgios Tsantalis
Alexander Andreadis
Klaus D. Below

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