Alexander Andreadis

Wineacademy Greecel

Personal facts

DATE OF BIRTH:                                25.09.1974 BRUCK/MUR (A)
PROFESSION:                                    Sommelier
EDUCATION:                                     Marketing expert & Graduate of Wine (WSET)


1995–1998 Account manager private customers - „Bank Austria Creditanstalt”
1998–2001 Key account manager corporate customers - “mobilkom austria”
2001-2003 CEO of Advertising Agency –“Amedian - Joker7”

2003-2007 Education to sommelier

2008 Foundation of  WINEACADEMY GREECE

Since 2008
Self employed as sommelier with the WINEACADEMY GREECE in Graz (A), Thessaloniki (GR)


“A life without wine, this is not fine....”

What could be better than creating a job out of the love to wine? Wine is live, culture and beauty -all in one. A product of which still lot’s of stories can be told. A product with history. The treasure of the civilizations.

Therefore it was obvious to found a professional agency which brings together people with the same interests and which develops commonness. So the good message can be bandied on and on.


Symposion Members
Petros Doukas
Panayotis Zografos
Theodoros Skylakakis
Christos Dokomes
Nikitas Kaklamanis
Dr. Georgios Tsantalis
Alexander Andreadis
Klaus D. Below

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